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 Kindome Heart Official E-mail.

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khGunz Administrator
khGunz Administrator

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PostSubject: Kindome Heart Official E-mail.   Thu Aug 06, 2009 10:05 am

Dear. Members/Staff.

I have created an E-mail that only deals with stuff that happens in this community. Our truley members can contact us throught it. And only Admins and up are the ones with privialges to acces it and reply to E-mails ONLY, and msn messages if needed.

Warning to any Abuser to this E-mail,
1-This warning goes to Admins+, This E-mail adres is not for personal use. (If abused, your privilages will be droped)
2-This warning goes to members, Please read the support section, or post whats wrong in the help section befor you contact us.( You will get 2 warnings)
3- If by any chance you want to contact us through instant messaging with one of our Staff, Simply add us.

Official E-mail: khg@live.ca

(Any staff admin+ pm me for pass)

Enjoey king
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Kindome Heart Official E-mail.
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