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 RedBoy APP

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khGunz GameMaster
khGunz GameMaster

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PostSubject: RedBoy APP   RedBoy APP Icon_minitimeFri Aug 07, 2009 8:02 am

Name: RedBoy AKA. Gregi
Country: Slovenia (Europe next to Italy)
Desired position:Game master
Languages you speak: English and a little bit of spanish (slovene)


Coding Languages you know: N/A
Coding Experience: N/A
Coding Softwares you use: N/A

Designing Experience: N/A
Designing Softwares you use: N/A
Online Gallery/Portfolio: N/A

Do you know how to create .ani files?N/A
Do you know how to create .elu files? N/A
Have you got Photoshop? yes
Version? cs4
Do you have nVidia DDS plug-ins?yes
Do you know how to unpack/pack a .mrs file? kinda
Do you know how to encrypt .mrs file? nop
Do you know how to work with Hex Workshop? nop
Do you know how to edit XML files? nop

Can you create GunZ Maps? no
Are you good at GTKGradinet? no
Experience with map lighting [light map]: no
Do you create your own textures? no
Mapping/textures Gallery URL: no

3D Modeling Experience: I'm learning modeling
3D Modeling Softwares you use: blender
Online 3D Gallery URL: no

Do you speak English well?:yep
Communication ability:
Are you mature? :yes

Do you know anything about database setup, MySQL server or WAMP: no
Do you have TeamViewer? nah don't need it

Why do you want to apply for that position?: I like playing gunz and i like to help you and it would be my 1st time being game master in gunz
Anything else?:if you accept or denie i will play this server Very Happy
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khGunz Administrator
khGunz Administrator

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RedBoy APP Empty
PostSubject: Re: RedBoy APP   RedBoy APP Icon_minitimeFri Aug 07, 2009 8:05 am

Sorry, currently Gm/Admin Positions are full i prosume. I am sure you can apply for Mod/Developer
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RedBoy APP
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