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 Devil's Administrator Application

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PostSubject: Devil's Administrator Application   Devil's Administrator Application Icon_minitimeThu Aug 06, 2009 6:27 am

Name: Danny Messer

Age: 19

Country: hungary

Desired position: Administrator

Languages you speak: English , Hungarian , a lil bit French

Website: www.khgamerz.forumotion.com Very Happy

Coding Languages you know: Javascript

Coding Experience: N/A

Do you know how to unpack/pack a .mrs file? Yes , i 've alredy Complied / Decomplied Mrs Files.
Do you know how to encrypt .mrs file? Yes i Can,

Do you speak English well?: Yes i speak it very well because i Often play Online

Do you know anything about database setup, MySQL server or WAMP: Yes i 've alredy setup 3 Databases with Anti SQL injection

Do you have TeamViewer? Yes i have and i often use it with Briliantly ^^

Why do you want to apply for that position?: Because im helpfull , friendly and Respectfull to the other members , and if they need help i'll help for em.. i know all the Admin Commands , i can host event ... i never Abuse my Power , i always Searching for hackers , swappers , spammers or people who just breaking the rules. i know how to Control Admin Panel .

My Previous Experience : ProGunzSoul Co-Owner , Honour Gunz : Moderator , Battle Gunz : Admin , Spirit Gunz : Game MAster.

Anything else?: Im Really Activate on Forum And in Game too , i Like This Server And i really want to get into the staff coz i want to help and make this Server Much better as i can. i hope you guys are accept my Application .

Thx for Reading : Devil.
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khGunz Owner
khGunz Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Devil's Administrator Application   Devil's Administrator Application Icon_minitimeThu Aug 06, 2009 6:39 am

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Devil's Administrator Application
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