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 Event types

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Event types Empty
PostSubject: Event types   Event types Icon_minitimeMon Aug 17, 2009 7:15 pm

Hide And Seek
Players Hide, Gm's Seek Last 1 Alive Wins a Point.

GM's Vs All
TDM, Highest Scoring Player Wins.

Players Hide / Run, Gm's Seek, Last 1 Alive Wins a Point. Anyone over 300 Ping Will Be Kicked.

Players Try And get Across the Map whilst GM's attempt to Kill Them, Players May kill GM's. First Player To The Flag At other Bases Wins.

Survive The Explosion
Players Camp, Gm's Throw Nades. Last 1 Alive Wins a Point.

First to xx Kills Wins.

Duel Event
First to xx Kills Wins.

Live Or Die
GM's push you down of the map

Last Man Standing
Last one survive win

Dodge the nades or the rockets

Event Winner Set = 8
Event Flaming shotgun= 7p
Event bigi Shotgun= 9p
Event color name+jjang= 3p
Event Rocket= 8p
Event Rocket2 = 8p
Event Rifle= 7p
Event Large Sword= 5p
Event Winner's Ring= 8p
Event winner's exp ring = 7p
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Event types
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